Welcome to
Revana Pizza

Oiriginally established in 1975

Our Truro location – Established in Bible Hill in 2006, this locally owned and operated restaurant offers quick and friendly service, a wide variety of menu items, and eat in, take out and delivery options. Known for our 2 pound donairs, you won’t be disappointed!

The Secret to Success

Revana’s success began with those wonderful family recipes that were passed on when the business changed hands in 1975. However, there’s more than recipes to this story. The highest quality food, reasonable prices, immaculately clean and comfortable restaurants, genuinely friendly service, and a written corporate creed which says that “community service is as important as the quality of the food”, have helped keep Revana’s tremendously popular.

Our Crust

Our crust is made simply with un-bromated, all-natural flour, yeast, water and salt and is opened and stretched entirely by hand. The result is a crust that is thin on the inside and thick and airy on the ends creating the “cornicione”. Once thrown into our flaming oven the air bubbles blacken and blister peppering the flavor of the pizza.